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Upchurch Twinning Group

Upchurch Twinning Group

The Committee

Harman: 01634 235420

Upchurch is twinned with the Commune of Ferques,
Pas de Calais, France


The idea of twinning with a French village was born out of the fact that an Upchurch resident also had a house in Ferques and commuted between the two on a weekly basis. He is still a member of our committee and liaises with the French one.

Several meetings and day trips to France later, the arrangement was formalised. We signed Charters in France in October 2006 and in England in March 2007. Both these occasions were suitably celebrated in style in Ferques and Upchurch.

The Charters that were signed in Upchurch on 3rd March 2007 are on display in St. Mary’s Church, together with gifts received from the people of Ferques on various occasions.

Since then, several visits in both directions over the English Channel have been made, for many events.

Holywell School is fully involved with a visit every year in each direction and also with the sustaining of pen friend links between pupils.

Aims and Objectives


To develop a better understanding of each other’s cultures.

To develop a better understanding of each other’s language.

To further the education of all people of our two communities.


To encourage social entertainment and sporting links between the two villages.

To encourage exchanges between the school pupils of the two villages.

To encourage links between people of all ages in our two villages.

The Friends

Upchurch Twinning Group has a list of "Friends", these are local people who have said they are willing to give practical support to our group e.g. helping at events, or on stalls, or give hospitality, or even help with translation at events! It's not very formal but we hope that we can call upon them now and then for help when we need it.